Day 1 - Little CPR blog - Our intentions.

Day 1 - Little CPR blog - Our intentions.

Make it snappy.


Short sentences.

Keep the interest of the reader.

Know your target audience and appeal to the demographic.

Or ………… Completely wing it!

For the 2 or 3 people that read this, you may wonder why?

Why start a blog? Why now, when there so many excellent and informative parenting and first aid blogs out there?

The answer is simple – Honesty, plain old honesty.

Accidents are terrible, being a parent can be horrible and being a parent of a kid who has an accident is likely to be awful.

No one likes to think that they will have to deal with an accident or an incident, but people do, every day.

You may know what to do or may not? You might panic, freeze or run away. You might not know how to unlock your phone, or you may forget how to dial that tricky emergency number. It is impossible to predict how you will act without actually being there.

The best we can offer within this blog is to offer stories, real-life stories, someone else’s stories that allow you to think about your reactions.

You will hear accounts from health care professionals, parents, grandparents and anyone else we can find to bring you real-life lived experiences of things that happen in the wonderful world in children.

This blog will be published weekly -ish, the subject matter will depend on the week's experiences. It may offer practical advice, it may resonate with your own experiences, you may disagree and may want to comment. Please do, all opinions are valid in parenting, no judgement.

It will always end on a related question answered by a 5-year-old

Q- What does writing a blog mean?

A- Ummmmm, ummmmm, (confused look) I don’t know. Blog, bloggy, BLOG, B-L-O-G (phonetic spelling). Blog, dog, clog, bog, poo, bum-bum.