If you like it then you should put a lid on it!

If you like it then you should put a lid on it!

The word’ lid’ in the title equates to a helmet.

The word’ it’ in the title directly relates to the brain that should be protected by a helmet.

Helmets. Why wouldn’t you wear one?

What are your rules about helmets?

In our family, there is a generic rule, if you go on something with wheels you wear a helmet. There are no exceptions. It does not matter how old you are, how far you are going, how big the wheels are if you are just on the driveway. Bike, scooter, skateboard or wheelies, they all require helmets.

Today, there were some strange sights on the cycle path, borderline comical, definitely questionable and in some cases a bit daft.

Think about the following witnessed family activities.

  1. Child (around 5yrs) on scooter no helmet.
  2. Family on a bike ride. All kids have helmets, no helmets on adults.
  3. Teenagers on skateboards no helmets.
  4. Toddler in a bicycle seat with no helmet, adult with a helmet hanging from handlebars.
  5. Family out scooting, no helmets at all.
  6. Adult with the helmet not strapped up.
  7. Family trip, adults on bikes with helmets, kids on scooters without.


What do you think? Are any of these your family?

Put most simply, wearing a helmet will improve your chances of not getting a severe injury if you fall and hit your head.

Health care professionals who work in Emergency will all have horror stories about children who were not wearing helmets

Health care professional who work in intensive care will have horrendous stories about adults and children who were not wearing helmets.

Overall, the general consensus is to wear a helmet. Both adults and children.


A question to a 5-year-old

Why do you wear a helmet on your bike?

Ummm What?

(Question repeated)

Becaauuusse….. Umm, what?

(question repeated)

what bike? my bike?

(question repeated slowly and purposefully)

So I don’t donk my head on the ground (dives to floor holding head).