It could have been much worse

It could have been much worse

Keep them in arms reach when swimming.

Keep a close eye.

Don't get distracted.

They are the things I did not do at our last visit to Wet and Wild water park (Pre-social distancing).

The photo is of our 5yr old at the bottom of a slide he had been on before. At first glance, it is a funny picture, one that we look at and laugh as we remember the great day out. It could have been much worse.

I also have a feeling of fear, embarrassment and regret as I was a parent who let him go down first. He wanted to and I agreed without thinking. I was not there. I came down afterwards. We were both lucky that a lifeguard was there to help him. It could have been much worse.

The same lifeguard also told me of the danger I had just put my child in. He was angry and upset at me. He called me irresponsible. He told me not to be so stupid. He told me to look after my child. I was honestly shocked. It could have been much worse.

The 5-year-old was oblivious to all of this and wanted another go, so another go we had. This time I went first and helped at the bottom. I scooped him up, he coughed, spluttered and we laughed about how fast the slide was. He then went for a hot dog (with Mum) and I went to find the lifeguard.

I thanked him for his actions, he nodded and said 'it could have been much worse'

The worse he was talking about was my child drowning and needing CPR. The worse he was talking about was my child not being here today.

The truth is sometimes difficult to read, it is certainly difficult to type.

What have I learnt as a parent?

I am accountable and responsible for my kid at all times. I knew this but I forgot, I let it slip for a second, I was caught up in a moment of distraction and did not think of the consequences. It is okay to think about the worst-case scenarios of situations and try your best to prevent them.

A question to a 5year old

How do you stay safe at the pool?

Easy, (counting on fingers) sunscreen, googles, stay near mum, do CANNON-BALLS.