Old wives know the best first aid.

Old wives know the best first aid.

Regarding children, people, regardless of age, ethnicity, background, height, weight or hair colour will have preconceived ideas about what to do in any given situation. The ideas they have and the actions they take will be based on the knowledge that has been learnt from a variety of sources. Some will be right, and some will be so very wrong


These ideas and knowledge will vary and include matters of bedtimes, food choice, screen time, behaviour, religion, vaccinations, medications, play, schoolwork, and politics to name a few. Your views may likely differ, and this is where our wonderful friends disagreeing, and conflict will live.


One of the best ways to minimise conflict is to prevent it from happening in the first place. In this instance, that means to talk about potential situations. Situations involving the care of children. Situations involving someone looking after your kid or you looking after theirs.



First aid treatments have changed over the years, yet old the old treatments or wives tales still exist and are used. These tales may seem strange, but to some, they are the correct course of action.


For example.


Burns - apply butter, toothpaste, turmeric, olive oil, or ice.


No, no, no and no.


Burns need 20mins under cool running water and sometimes medical treatment. If you are concerned seek medical help


Bruising/black eye - apply a raw piece of steak over the area.




Wasting a good piece of steak is not a good idea. Instead, use a cold pack.


Grazing or abrasions – rub some freshly cut onion over it.




Onions are good on a burger, cleaning with saline would be better on a graze.


It may seem strange to ask people about what they would do in an emergency or an accident. The answers they give maybe even stranger


There is no harm in talking about it, there is more harm in not talking about it.


The question to a 5-year-old.


What do you need to do if you get a cut?


Umm? I don’t know. Put on a bandaid, get a bandage. Tell a policeman. Can I carry on watching TV?