Plan for things going wrong.

Plan for things going wrong.

Life, car, home, travel or any type of insurance, all taken out in case of something going wrong. You don’t want it to, but if it does go pear-shaped and your luggage is lost on route to Las Vegas, you can make a claim and get life back to normal as soon as possible.


Is there anything wrong with thinking the worst, with thinking that things will go wrong even though they probably won’t?


Think of accidents, they happen every day, in every city, in every country. They happen to kids, parents, tourists, farmers, skateboarders, cooks and everyone in between. They do not discriminate; they are inconsiderate and for some reason, they tend to happen at the worst possible time.


They can happen at night, during lunch and before breakfast. Inside, outside, sometimes upside down. Luckily, they usually happen to other people but there is no guarantee. The only sure thing is that they will happen, you cannot eliminate the risk and if you did all of the fun would be removed with it.


So just like an insurance policy requires you to take a reasonable amount of care (it’s in the small print, just after don’t leave valuables in your car and before don’t write the PIN on your credit card) A reasonable amount of care should be taken in general.


Let's think about a bike ride to the park (remember pre-corona, when we could go out and do things). What thing could go wrong?


A fall from the bike, car accident, magpie swoop, spider bite, sunburn, fall from the climbing frame, hit by swing, choking on a snack. The list goes on……


The above accidents could lead to broken arms or legs, dental injuries, eye injuries, cuts, unconscious, not breathing, allergic reaction. This list goes on ……


Thinking of these things are not nice but they are necessary to take a reasonable amount of care. Wearing a helmet, supervising when climbing, sitting down to eat is reasonable and can prevent serious injury. This is not to say that an accident won’t happen.


If it does would you be able to act rationally, do you know basic first aid, how to put someone in the recovery position, Perform CPR, know how to get help?







Remember, it is more likely that you will have a fun day at the park with no accidents or injuries. It will have been a waste of time to think about things going wrong because they didn’t and like with an insurance policy that you have not used, a voice in the back of your mind says “did we need it, was it worth it and maybe we won't get insurance next time” that is the voice you want, that is a great voice to hear


The voice that you don’t want to hear is the one that says “why didn’t we…



A question to a 5-year-old


How can you stop accidents?


Slow down, turn quickly.



Get up. Get a band-aid. Have a kiss and a cuddle.