School holidays.

School holidays.



Two weeks with no school, just parents and children, all day, everyday.


How did it all go?


Do the words I’m bored still reverberate around the house?

Is the cat suffering from PTSD?

Did your little angels turn into little devils?

Did anything break? That could mean anything from bikes to arms to your sanity.


School has started again so now is the time to recoup, reflect and remember. The 2 key points I have learnt are


  1. Doughnuts are not a breakfast food. It does not matter if it is ‘holidays’ or this is a ‘special treat’. The doughnut high is scary and should only ever been seen outdoors in a fenced-in space.


  1. Parks are great, the bigger the better. However…….


Parks can be a goldmine for accidents. Kids slide, run, ride, swing, climb, scoot, bike and skate at speed, they don’t look in the direction of travel, Spatial awareness is non-existent, they almost want to crash into each other and so they do. Frequently. Thankfully it is usually minor, a few tears are shed, a band-aid is placed and playing recommences as quickly as it stops.


During the holidays a few scenarios happened at parks we were visiting. Think about what might have happened and what you would do.


  • Adults at a picnic were throwing nuts for each other to catch in the mouth. Smaller children were copying.


  • Children pushing each other on the monkey bars until they fell.


  • Riding scooters with no helmets.


  • Unsupervised toddlers walking past swings.


  • Climbing the outside of play equipment.


This sounds like this could be any park, anywhere. Nothing happened in the park we visited but I know that something would have happened at another. It is okay to think about it and prepare for accidents. There is nothing wrong with being prepared.